Happy birthday!!!

Thank u!

Haben sie ein guter geburtstag!

Dammit I don’t speak chinaminese!

Happy birthday to one quality fuckin nerd. Hope it's a great one man

Coming from a quality nerd such as yourself, I greatly appreciate this message, thank you my son!

Congratulations on being one year closer to receiving your entry ticket to Valhalla.

And should there be no room for me, I shall carve a place of my own among true warriors…

Thank you!

happy birthday!!

Thankie thankie!

happy birthday :3c


Happy borthday

It’s big ol bard family borthday bash I tell ya! Thank you!

Happy birfday!

Oh the birfiest of days, truly, thank you!

Happy birthday!


Congratulations to the birthday bard.

Thank u my anonymous pudding cup