Honestly I did not I just wanted to be included

come over, let’s have a beer and watch some anime then, ya dringus

Cowboy bebop has space ships,jazz and the pretty occasional fist/gun fight.

do you really think I haven’t seen cowboy bebop

Introversive, Intuitive, Feeling, and Judging. INFJ is supposedly a rare MBTi. However, almost every internet geek who has taken a MBTi gets it. You can't go across tumblr without someone proclaiming "INFJ is totes me" and is the hallmark of the oppressed tumblr special snowflake. Sorry to break it to you, but most free MBTi tests are badly flawed and you either have to sit down with a councilor or shell out money to take the real thing. Also, personality isn't set in stone until mid your 30s.

like I said I literally googled a myers briggs test and took like the third one down or some shit it’s the honest to god first time I ever took the damn thing

so I’ll go ahead and rule this one “completely pointless” and try to find a more legit way to take the assessment, thanks for the head’s up dawg

according to one internet test I literally just took a minute ago, I’m INFJ

people who’ve known me for a while or at least claim to know me on an well established personal level; thoughts?

computer, load up Celery Man, please

there’s like a hundred times more posts in the K’ tag than in the Kyo tag I’m so angry fuck you tumblr

oops I kinda think K’ is cool too

Yeah..i'm oddly good at figuring out people's taste in characters. Although if you do watch Saint Seiya you better do a commentary on it like you did for Jojo, those were amusing to read.

I probably will, I enjoy making a fool of myself in a public forum

Yo are you still open for suggestions because Hunter x Hunter is basically Jojo with small children and everybody still uses Hamon and it's Madhouse it's beautiful

I’ve been meaning to pick that one up as well, just because I love Togashi’s work