I finally understand the true meaning of >tfwnogf

you have no idea how awesome it is seeing some of my irl friends on my dash by like complete coincidence :’)


✖️Bow down to a goddess✖️

I haven’t quite decided if I feel a sense of stability from no longer living with my father or if I feel a sense of instability due to the fact that I’m not going to be sticking around in one place for too long

My son…

My son…

Dang son your dick makes me all fucking wet ;)

What prompted this

I hope you get out of that slump soon :/ maybe you just need to try something new or go out or distract yourself with a fun hobby. Yeah sorry that's not really good advice but remember you're a wonderful person and it's alright to feel miserable every once i awhile because it's just normal to feel like that sometimes.

It’s not really a slump I’m kinda just filled with regret and lonliness

Have you ever wanted to just punch something really fast, and then you get sad because you know deep down, you will never be able to punch as fast as Jonathan Joestar? I have.

Of course

I mean emotionally I feel miserable